Rahul Kajol

First of this kind I did in 1994 in a coastal town of Sweden called Landskrona.

Public Art inspiration came from my earlier period of my art study in Dhaka Art College in Bangladesh. I got involve in large scale pattern design on asphalt streets around the Language movements memorial monument, which has become a tradition for every year celebration of 21st February as language martyred day. Since, I was been involve in many public events where art work is been presented in open air. Since I moved to Copenhagen in 1986, I got involve with artist groups who worked for specially Public Art. I joined in 1989 with an artist group called Arte por La Vida (Art for Life). We did many public art projects in Copenhagen. It was the time of Public Art movement in Denmark. 1st May 1990 was celebrating 100 years of May Day. Planed to join the party and decided to paint a large fusion painting in front of huge public presence. Together with an artist group from Spain called Ezbert Zero we painted surrounded by more than 150.000 people. It was my first great experience as an artist to be part of thousands of people. In following year we then in co-operation with ‘Ezbert Zero’ from Elche of Spain made a gigantic painting on a river floor in Elche 1991, which ended as World record for the biggest Mural in the World. It was 1200 meter long and 14 meter wide in size. This painting project was my first experience to gain ability to draw & paint  on ground level in large scale. From this I got an offer from Copenhagen carnival to paint on asphalt street in Landskrona for carnival 1994.

I was happy to get this opportunity from Bjørn Herness, leder Copenhagen carnival and Bertil Helengrin, commissioner Landskrona carnival.