Announcing Berlin Soup IV in Athen 2016a from kenn clarke on Vimeo.


The Berlin Soup, an exquisite potpourri, sees Art & Contemporary Culture as global healers bringing people together, exploring new togetherness in creative ways & opening up possibilities of further breaking down barriers that tend unnecessarily to separate us from our potential as artists & special examples in a world now presently on edge. We believe too, says Dalmose & Raphael, that artist + audience create a completeness of vision in the strengthening of values & institutions. One of the things quite unique & distinct about BERLIN SOUP, according to the curators, is its innovation unlimited feeling with a global reach, bringing artists & performers of diverse nations together and exploring quality difference in presentations. All of this evident in the festival’s quality ingredients and other lively surprises. Curators Dalmose & Raphael live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dalmose & Raphael have curated several shows together and hundreds of events each. Raphael has written & directed for theatres in New York & other places & Dalmose works with video arts are featured prominently throughout the festival.